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Outsourced Services

Outsourced Services

We offer comprehensive outsourced services for Recruitment, Learning & Development, and HR Operations. Our specialized expertise and capabilities empower organizations to concentrate on their core business operations while seamlessly managing their human capital needs.

With our recruitment services, we diligently source and select top talent, aligning them with your company's vision and culture. Our Learning & Development solutions enable employees to continuously grow, ensuring a skilled and motivated workforce ready to tackle evolving challenges.

Through our HR Operations support, we streamline essential processes, from onboarding to compliance, fostering an efficient and compliant workplace. By entrusting us with these critical functions, businesses can optimize their resources, focus on strategic priorities, and unlock their true potential for sustained success. At Noviro, we become your reliable partner, allowing you to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence and exceed your organizational goals.


Outsourced Recruitment

Our recruitment service acts as your dedicated hiring department, connecting your business with top-tier talent tailored to your unique needs. We ensure a swift and efficient hiring process, from sourcing to onboarding, helping you fill roles with the best-fit candidates, faster and at a reduced cost.

Service Offering
Job description based on your specific requirements.
Extensive candidate sourcing using innovative tools and our extensive network.
Candidate screening and shortlisting
Arranging and managing interview processes according to your preferences.
Facilitating job offer negotiation and acceptance.
Conducting background checks and verification processes.

Learning & Development

Our Learning & Development services are designed to foster continuous growth and innovation within your organization. We provide tailored training solutions that align with your business objectives, enhance employee skills, and nurture a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Service Offering
Training needs analysis to identify skill gaps and training requirements.
Customized training program development to address identified needs.
Delivery of a range of training modules, either in-person or virtually.
Management of the entire L&D process, including scheduling, logistics, and feedback collection.
Evaluation of training effectiveness and ROI measurement.

HR Operations

Our HR Operations service equips your organization with a professional team to handle daily human resources activities. We provide a comprehensive solution, streamlining HR functions and ensuring compliance, thus allowing you to focus on your core business goals.

Service Offering
Administration of employee records and data management.
Oversight of HR systems and technology for optimal usage.
Ensuring compliance with local labor laws and regulations.
Management of employee benefits, from enrollment to claims.
Handling leave management and attendance tracking.

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