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At Noviro Advisory, we are dedicated to unlocking possibilities. Our mission is to guide organizations through transformative changes by leveraging our expertise in a broad range of advisory services. Based in Riyadh and serving the vibrant markets of the Middle East, we pride ourselves on being at the heart of where dynamic growth meets innovative strategy.

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Gareth Hood

Gareth Hood

CEO & Co-Founder

A visionary and strategic senior leader with an impressive track record spanning 30 years, Gareth has consistently driven transformation and innovation across diverse sectors. As the co-founder of Noviro Advisory, he spearheads initiatives that catalyze organizational change, talent development, and strategic leadership. His tenures as CEO Advisor emphasizes his ability to implement strategic organizational changes at senior levels. His earlier roles include significant positions in management across various industries, showcasing his versatile expertise in managing complex business dynamics and leading high-performance teams. Gareth's career began in the UK, where he developed skills in customer service and sales, quickly escalating to strategic roles due to his exceptional ability to merge people strategy with business growth.

Mohammad Al Esmail

Mohammad Al Esmail

Managing Director

Mohammed brings over a decade of rich experience in media and communication management to his role as Co-Founder and Managing Director at Veyron KSA. His career is marked by a track record of strategic leadership and innovation across various executive roles.

Prior to founding Veyron KSA, he served as the Deputy CEO and Chief Media Officer at Saudi Media Company, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the media landscape in Saudi Arabia. His expertise in managing complex communication channels was further honed during his tenure as Communication Channels Management Manager at Zain KSA.


At Noviro Advisory, our philosophy is deeply rooted in principles that reflect both our cultural heritage and our commitment to excellence. We believe that the values we uphold are not just foundational to our business practices but are the driving force behind our sustained success and the value we deliver to our clients. These values are embodied in our four key pillars:
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Confident Humility

Embrace a mindset of continuous learning and openness. At Noviro Advisory, we believe that true confidence comes from acknowledging there is always more to learn and more room to grow.

This humility fuels our pursuit of excellence, preventing complacency and fostering a culture where innovation and improvement are constants.


Diligent Mastery

Mastery at Noviro Advisory means relentlessly pursuing knowledge and excellence. We seek insights from diverse sources and commit to applying them with precision and skill.

Our dedication to mastery ensures that our strategies and solutions are not only innovative but are executed with unmatched expertise.


Collaborative Spirit

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We trust in the intentions of others, striving to understand before being understood, and finding synergistic solutions that benefit all.

At Noviro, we prioritize creating outcomes that elevate our collective success, believing that the best results are born from cooperative efforts.


Ethical Responsibility

Responsibility guides every decision we make. We are deeply committed to our duties towards our colleagues, clients, community, and stakeholders.

This sense of responsibility ensures that our decisions are balanced and consider the long-term impacts, aiming for outcomes that are satisfying and sustainable for all involved.

Uniting the country to address the climate challenge

Following the launch of Vision 2030 in 2016, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken decisive steps towards a more sustainable future. At Noviro Advisory we proudly support the efforts of the SGI to unite environmental protection, energy transition and sustainability programs with the overarching aims of offsetting and reducing emissions, increasing afforestation and land restoration, and protecting the Kingdom’s land and sea.

Green Initiatives
Saudi Arabia has activated 80+ initiatives to help reach the three targets under the Saudi Green Initiative and achieve long-lasting positive change.
10 billion trees to be planted
Protection of Saudi coastline
Noviro Advisory
Noviro Advisory
8,000 MW of power under construction
2,800 MW of clean energy already connected to the grid
of our services income
is derived from projects that focus on environmental sustainability and renewable energy initiatives. This reflects our deep commitment to supporting Saudi Arabia's transition towards a sustainable future under Vision 2030. By integrating our strategic consulting services with the goals of the Saudi Green Initiative, we help organizations optimize their environmental impact through innovative solutions and responsible practices. Our expertise aids in the development of projects that not only contribute to the nation’s sustainability targets but also drive economic growth and community well-being.


Assisting Wheelchair Patients - Riyadh

Assisting Wheelchair Patients - Riyadh

Receiving patients with special needs and the elderly in the emergency room and assisting patients in the special needs office.

Contact: [email protected]

Initiative to help the elderly - Taif

Initiative to help the elderly - Taif

1- Receiving the elderly from the clinic gate and providing a vehicle transportation service according to need.

2- Taking a wait for them without them needing to wait.

3- Assistance in entering the specialized clinic.

4- Dispensing medications to them without them needing to wait.

5- Registering their upcoming appointments.

[email protected]

Green Saudi - Buraidah

Green Saudi - Buraidah

An agricultural initiative called Green Saudi Arabia planting seeds.

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